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JJ Wienkers

He had a dream and so do we.

Somewhat shamefully, I can’t recall ever hearing this speech in its entirety. At least not at a time when I would fully appreciate everything it stands for — then and now.

Let us all listen (again) and be reminded of what how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. Let us all be inspired to use the resources for change we now have that they did not. Let us keep at our digital platforms, but perhaps more importantly, get up from behind our computers and surge into the streets like our freedom fighting brethren did 49 years before us.

We deserve our rights, too. And this is our year to secure them.

So good at being bad.

Overheard as I was boarding my flight back to LA from WI, last night:

Female Flight Attendant: (GASPS in extreme, somewhat alarming shock)

Man: …Was that a good…or a bad gasp?

FFA: My neighbor is Herman Cain’s latest supposed mistress!

Me: So depending on your politics…it’s good news!

Thanks again, Herman Cain! Keep up the bad work!


Mix whiskey and wine.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: The 2011 Republican Edition.

Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney.


Pass. Can you pass? You can’t pass?

I don’t want to play anymore.

Aileen Wuornos WHO.

Stop saying that you’re not “running to be anyone’s judge” and give a straight answer, already, Monster Bachmann.

“I think my views are clear.” Uh…

You know what, lady? They most certainly are. To those of us who can read between the lines.

And you best believe that every self-respecting gay man and woman and heterosexual ally 18-years-old and above will be doing everything within our legal, voting rights as your fellow Americans to block your potential ascension to power.